Many technology blogs have been reporting the rumour today, started by Eldar Murtazin (a known rumour founder), that Nokia will be acquired by Microsoft and Stephen Elop, CEO of the Finnish manufacturer, will be stepping down. While this would provide Microsoft to scope to become Apple and produce handsets themselves, it would mean ditching OEMs (who have provided much support to the new platform), sacrifice choice for a tighter ecosystem, to name just a few negatives.

Of course (should you remember), this has ran the grounds before and the rumours were subsequently killed by an official statement. SlashGear, who also ran the story today, received word from Nokia:

"We've put these rumours to rest a long time ago. The focus for Nokia is on executing on our partnership around Windows Phone and growing the ecosystem, and each company has the tools they need to do so."

So, again, this is not going to happen. Even if it were fact, is there any need for Microsoft to buy Nokia? Sure, the manufacturer is having difficulties, but the funding for large scale marketing campaigns suggests there are deep pockets backing the company, and there is hope with Windows Phone. We'll have to see how 2012 fares before any talks are to take place about the next step, opposed to a take over. To sum it up - move along, nothing to see here.

Source: SlashGear