Generally speaking, if you don’t see Windows Phone Central report on some magical sounding rumor, it’s because we either know it to be false or don’t have faith in the story—not because we’re behind. And while we’re not perfect either, the recent report of Nokia Executive VP Chris Weber supposedly telling the Bangkok Post that Instagram was coming to Windows Phone, seemed highly unlikely.

There were problems with this report from the beginning. For one, Weber was never directly quoted as saying that Instagram was a done deal—which should raise flags—and two, what are the odds that an executive would just casually announce one of the most highly valued apps for Windows Phone? Especially when discussing something as benign as Nokia’s role in Thailand?

Nokia's Chris Weber from a WPCentral interview in early 2013

Of course plenty of sites ran the story anyway because it sounded good. But you shouldn’t be surprised that Weber took to his Twitter to flat out deny the report by stating:

“Seems my comments on Instagram have been misreported. We are still working hard to make it happen, but nothing new to announce. Sorry.”

Some sites even ran the story after Weber denied it. Truth be told, we weren’t even going acknowledge it because we would rather bring you app reviews, GDR2 updates and information that you can use. But sometimes our inbox gets flooded with “tips” and it is the weekend, so it seems to be a perfect time to squash this rumor dead.

Now back to our regularly scheduled news.