Nokia Drive, their mostly-offline navigation system for the Lumia series, has been hacked off the 800 and patched to work on other Windows Phones. We loaded it up on the HTC Titan to see if this was all legit and sure enough, it is.

Coming from a Chinese forum (which we're not linking), the XAP comes in at 7.35MB but of course grows dramatically once you choose and download maps. In fact, the maps are quite massive here for the States, where it weights in at 1.9GB and took nearly an hour to download and install. It's certainly not a bad piece of software but it's also nothing to go out of your way for either.

This isn't the first Nokia app to be ripped either, as Nokia Music too has been ported for other phones.  Hopefully that server-side Marketplace encryption reported to be coming for devs will be happening soon. We know for Nokia, it can't come quick enough.

Thanks,  Gaille J., for the heads up