File under interesting but no details, the site mobiFlip has gotten their hands on O2’s (Germany) upcoming smartphone roadmap. While there are the usual Huawei, Sony and HTC devices, two Nokia ones have raised an eyebrow.

The first one goes by ‘Eros’ and could be just a mis-spelling of ‘EOS’, the codename reportedly used for Nokia’s 41MP Lumia 920-esque phone, due for revealing next week. Then again, it could be a whole new device or just a carrier variant. Since there is literally no information about this phone’s specs, we can only guess.

Likewise for ‘Mars’. While ‘Eros/EOS’ is expected to be the 41MP device, we’re not sure what else this could be except for another Lumia variant or the long anticipated tablet. We have heard from some insiders, though have been unable to fully verify, that even AT&T has a Nokia tablet in testing. Could this be that device or just new version of a current Lumia design? (It’s not the Lumia 925, as that has a separate listing).

Unfortunately, we just can’t know until more information, including specs, leak out. But it’s nice to know that Nokia still have a few surprises left up their sleeve, and those on O2 should be relatively excited.

Source: mobiFlip; via: Engadget; Thanks, Muessig, for the tip!