StyleSaint - exclusively for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

While we’re still waiting on Viber HD from Nokia to go live today (more on that later, when it’s available), another app has come forth for those with fashion on their minds.

StyleSaint ( can now be downloaded for Nokia Lumia phones, allowing you to browse the latest fashions, clip them, make your own ‘stylebook’ and then share it with the world.

Three times a week the team at StyleSaint will update the app with fashion tips, images and discussions, which you then you can “tear it up” to create your own stylebook—a personal collection of your favorite images, tips and styles. You can then post that to your StyleSaint account, sharing it with your friends and colleagues, allowing you to be an  “editor in chief” of your own fashion rag.

While the app is not exactly up our alley here at Windows Phone Central, a quick peruse of it enforces the notion that Nokia know how to co-develop an app, as this one is smooth as butter, elegant and just plain kind of cool.  Sure, action games and social network apps may be a hit, but let’s not forget how important apps like these can be to new demographics.

Pick up StyleSaint exclusively for Lumia Windows Phones here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Jonas J., for the link 

QR: StyleSaint