Lumia 625

The Lumia 625 was today announced by Nokia, sporting a generous 4.7-inch IPS display and 4G connectivity. While it's an affordale smartphone, the Lumia 625 is really a diamond in the rough, especially if you're looking at a large device with a smooth Windows Phone 8 experience. There are numerous little elements to the device that make it stand out from the rest of the Lumia family.

Nokia Conversations caught up with Kyeyoung Kang and Jenny Cui from the design team to find out what's exactly new in the product.

As we've mentioned a few times, the Lumia 625 sports the largest display yet in the Lumia range of Windows Phones. That said, it's been designed to feel human, tactile and comfortable with "purity and seamlessness at the centre of the design approach." This is immediately noticeable as soon as you look at the Windows Phone. Utilising the advanced knowledge in polycarbonate construction, Nokia has produced a natural smartphone.

The glass curves at the edges of the screen and the pillowed removeable shells feel comfortable to hold. As Conor Pierce, VP Nokia UK & Ireland noted, "it looks and feels like a pebble." And boy, what a pebble this mobile phone is. As usual, Nokia has opted for its iconic choice of colours for the Lumia 625: red, cyan, yellow, black and white.

The removeable shells are crafted from a single price of polycarbonate and feature an inner colour designed to amplify the colour choice. Check the above photo for a quick look at the inside of one of the shells (this one being white). 

Lumia 625 1020
Lumia 1020, meet the Lumia 625

If you loved the Lumia 620, you'll get on well with the new Lumia 625. It's strange because the colours are a matt finish and simply seduce you into gazing at how bright and bold the device is.

Source: Nokia