Instagram Windows Phone

Sorry folks who hate hearing news or rumors about Instagram, we feel ya, but we have to get through this story for today so bear with us. (We should also remind readers you are free to not read this story if it bothers you so much, ahem).

Rumors that an official Instagram app is actually on the way have been circulating for months now, with a May timeframe often mentioned. While we don’t know if that is accurate or not, our sources (and others e.g. the Verge) have confirmed that an official client is waiting in the wings. Whether it’s just an iOS port or something more, we don’t know. Nor do we know what the holdup is.

On Nokia’s official Facebook page in Sweden, a customer (Marcus Petterson) asked whether or not an Instagram app was headed for Windows Phone, specifically the Lumia 920. Nokia responded rather forthrightly with (translation) “Instagram is on the way but can't give an exact date right now".

Is that a slam dunk, 100% confirmation? Absolutely not. We’ve seen customer-service reps and “official” Facebook pages say things that weren’t completely accurate before, so do take this with a grain of salt.

But combined with things we’ve heard and the seeming confidence for which Nokia (Sweden) let loose the information, we’re leaning on this one a bit.

You can now return to your normally scheduled non-Instagram related Windows Phone news.

Update: Nokia (Sweden) has now deleted their comment. Take that as an accidental revelation or just an error.

Update 2: Looks like Nokia (Sweden) has spilled the beans before, as they confirmed an Instagram client is in development back in March in a tweet.

Source: Nokia (Sweden) Facebook; Thanks, Erik E., for the tip and translation!