Looks like AT&T is also getting in on the game for updating their Lumia 920 flagship phone. A new update has just popped up on Nokia's servers, viewable by the third party Navifirm software.

The update is simply labeled PR1_1_V3, which to us sounds a lot like the update detailed yesterday by Engadget that fixes the soft-focus on the Lumia 920. But there is reason to believe that this is more than just an update for the camera as it will presumably address other minor issues with the phone and tweak some settings.

We’re uncertain at this point if this includes the ‘Portico’ OS update as well, which is a separate function from upgrading the firmware to version 1249 (current one is 1242).

If you are thinking of doing this update yourself, we would strongly advice you to wait, as we don’t know the status of the version on the server. What’s more, you will hard-reset the device and wipe it clean, potentially losing any “saved game” states and other personalization. Only the official “over the air” update will preserve this info and be a true update instead of a device flash.

Having said that, we’ll take the bullet for you and try to flash one of our own devices.

Update and Confirmed: it does have the Windows Phone 8 OS update to Portico.

Thanks, Ryan M., for the tip