Nokia Future Capture Lumia 1020

Nokia has only just announced the Lumia 1020 Windows Phone, as well as new imaging API for developers to take advantage of to create unique and feature rich experiences. If you're a resident developer and would like to get your hardcoding hands on the new flagship smartphone, this article is for you. Nokia is going to be handing out prizes, including the Lumia 1020, to developers who get creative with the camera.

With the latest in mobile photography, the company really is pushing the boundaries and wants software to follow suit.

It's super easy to enter. Simply register and submit up to 3 creative ideas for imaging-based apps or hacks for the Lumia 1020. You're not required to build the apps beforehand, you only need a superb idea. Top 10 ideas will be selected, with the finalists (and another developer if each participant so choses) flying out to an exclusive hackathon in Lund, Sweden. Not all has been revealed and Nokia states it has a last element f the challenge set as a surprise.

Lumia 1020 Sensor

So what are the prizes? The 10 finalists will fly to the event in Lund, Sweden and will be amongst the first to get their hands on the Lumia 1020. That's pretty cool already, but there's more. First and second runners-up will both receive a Lumia 1020 and their creation will be showcased at a Nokia event. Top prize of the hackathon will receive not only the new Nokia flagship, but will also bag a trip with VIP treatment to an upcoming Nokia event.

The winning app will be promoted through several channels, as well as the Windows Phone Store. This alone makes it more than worth it. When do submissions close? July 31st, so be sure to get cracking with those brain cells! For the small print and more, head on over to Nokia's website.

Source: Nokia