Nokia's 'Guru' headphones could be coming in December at a reasonable $54

Nokia's Bluetooth headphone setup, currently codenamed 'Guru,' looks like it might be released under the official name BH-121, according to FCC documents showing a device similar to a previously leaked rendering. Additionally, at least one retailer in the Czech Republic is already listing the BH-121 on their sites with an availability date of December 16 and a retail price of 1050 CZK (about $54.00).

With the original leaked image showing a device in Nokia's well-known cyan and retailer Amio listing the BH-121 in yellow, we can imagine that the headphones, like several other Nokia-branded devices, will be available in other colors to match those of their phones. And with a reasonable price of only $54, the headphones have a chance to become a pretty popular accessory.

We initially expected that the BH-121 might be officially announced at this year's Nokia World, but alas, we heard nothing. Nokia Power User reports that they are hearing rumblings of a big Nokia event scheduled for later this month or early December, so perhaps the unveiling will happen then.

Source: FCC, Amio (Bing Translator); Via: NokiaPowerUser; Thanks for the tip, d_3ger!