Nokia Apple Imitation

Apple today unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the latter being a more affordable option for consumers. Known for rather expensive price tags, Apple is attempting to tackle the low-end of the smartphone market with the new iPhone 5C. As well as being cheaper than the high-end iPhone, consumers will also have numerous colours to choose from.

Unfortunately, these choices appeared to be vaguely familiar. Nokia UK took to Twitter today to unleash the above image, poking fun at Apple for not only injecting some colour into the iPhone product line, but utilising the similiar colours. As the Finish manufacturer rightfully pointed out: "Imitation is the best form of flattery."

iPhone 5

Did Nokia invent colour? Not at all, but the Lumia colours have become iconic of the brand itself, which Apple has now implemented into its own designs. That said, the iPhone 5C is still not as affordable as the Lumia 520, which goes for $100 unlocked and without a contract. Sure, there are advantages and features included in the iPhone 5C that aren't present in the Lumia 520, but which one would you choose if you're seeking the best deal?

Oh, and if you thought Nokia UK was ignoring the iPhone 5S (or simply, the "iBling"), think again:

Nokia iPhone 5S Jab

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