Tiles of joy

If you needed anymore proof that South Africa isn't just being tossed aside when it comes to the Nokia Lumia/future devices, then we have great news for you. We have just received word from an anonymous tipster that Nokia is holding an event in Midrand near the end of this month. Although the invite doesn't outright say that this is a launch party or unveiling event, it's probably quite safe to assume that it is.

And here is the invite:


Besides the obvious positives of Nokia launching their Windows Phone 7 devices in South Africa, there is another aspect that you may not have considered. Blackberry and Android may be all the rage over here at the moment but before that Nokia was a really big player in SA.

I remember a time when almost every person I knew either had a Nokia or was attempting to get one. What this means is that when they start selling their new phones people will not be buying Windows Phone, they will be buying a Nokia, because they trust the brand. So this skips the step of people avoiding WP7 because of their feelings on Windows Mobile, and allows them to experience the amazing everyday with no bias.

EDIT: This is a private event.