Abu Dhabi

Nokia will be looking to unveil six new products at its Abu Dhabi event next month, according to a report over on The Verge. We'll be looking at two new Lumia Windows Phones and four other devices that could include the Asha feature line. Sources familiar with Nokia's plans also tease that a range of new accessories will be announced to compliment the main show.

So what's everyone looking forward to regarding the event? The 6-inch Lumia 1520 will be high on the list, which will introduce 1080p and Windows Phone 8 GDR3. The Verge also notes that a "large range" of form factors could also bring something even larger to the table, like a rumoured Nokia Windows 8.1 RT tablet - the Lumia 2520.

It'll be an interesting event to say the least, especially since we'll be seeing Nokia's devices division integrate into Microsoft next year should the deal go through. Could the company be planning some fresh hardware before being sold off? Most definitely. Fear not if you're not around to attend, we'll be on the floor at the event on October 22nd to bring the latest from Nokia World 2013.

Source: The Verge