Nokia camera site

Nokia is set to unveil their latest mobile photography addition to their Lumia line, the Lumia 1020, this Thursday, that hasn’t stopped them from launching a new website dedicated to cameras.

Heading to users will be treated to news, tips and tricks for taking better photos. While the current focus is on the Lumia 9xx line, including the Lumia 920, 925 and 928, we’re pretty sure Nokia will update the site with “1020” info as well as soon as that device goes live.

The site itself is nicely laid out with bold, clear stories, presented in a standard blog format and it should serve as a valuable tool for those looking to hone their photography skills, especially with the pros and cons of mobile usage.

Nokia certainly looks to be defining themselves as the kings of mobile photography, which we think is a good thing. After all, while Samsung, Apple and even HTC occasionally make some interesting innovations in the field, that title is not only up for grabs but looks to be Nokia's for the keeping.

Stay tuned to Windows Phone Central as we’ll be covering the launch event for the Lumia 1020 all day Thursday.

Source: Nokia

Thanks, anonymous, for the tip!