Seems Nokia is taking what happened with webOS and HP into account with their devotion to Windows Phone. The handset manufacturer plans to avoid the sort of trouble that now plagues webOS and will ensure that teams are taking extreme measures to reach perfection.

Gary Chan, head of ecosystem and developer experience at Nokia Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, spoke to ZDNet Asia about why he felt webOS failed with HP. He explained that the market which webOS was targeting wasn't large enough and the platform didn't provide the means for developers to monetize their apps.

Vlasta Berka, general manager for Nokia Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei moved onto say that the breakdown between webOS and HP won't help Nokia and Microsoft since it doesn't matter how many platforms are competing in the market. For the consumer, the more ecosystems available, the better. The amount of effort required to be poured into the partnership remains the same.

"The party who suffers from a number of ecosystems being readily available are developers", Vlasta continued. "They may face a more challenging time deciding which platform to focus their projects [and resources] on".

Nokia will understand this more clearly once their Windows Phone handsets are in the field as they'll then be supporting three platforms - Symbian, MeeGo and Windows Phone.  As for MeeGo, Vlasta said the company has no plans to launch a second device this year and will more than likely leave it up to how popular the N9 becomes and what demand there is.

Source: ZDNet