#2InstaWithLove Windows Phone

When Nokia started their campaign to help let the Instagram know the dedication of Windows Phone users, many were quick to point out that Lumia owners did not represent the whole community. Indeed if such a campaign is to be effective, we would need to enlist presumably everyone to help post photos with the #2InstaWithLove hashtag on Twitter and other social networks.

Nokia has evidently seen the light as that app is now available for all Windows Phones, including our Samsung ATIV S and HTC Radar.  Of course, there was nothing unique to Lumia hardware that prevented the app from running on other OEMs so this was a simple change in the Store for Nokia.

The #2InstaWithLove app allows users to snap photos and apply an Instagram-like filter to their pics. Afterwards, users have the option to share that photo on social networks with “#2InstaWithLove” as an embedded hashtag, likewise, Nokia may feature the image in their gallery.

There’s still debate about whether this is a campaign to convince Instagram to allow a Windows Phone app or a campaign to build hype for an eventual Nokia-release of an official Instagram app or both. Regardless, the app itself is free, and truth be told, not half bad.

Windows Phone users can download #2InstaWithLove app for Windows Phone (both 7.x and 8) here in the Store. Thanks, Chiranjeeb J., for the tip!

QR: 2insta