Nokia Lumia 1520

The popular Twitter profile Evleaks has released a full render of the Lumia 1520, or "Bandit." Previously publishing a screenshot, showing how the new Start screen will be configured on a 1080p display, we can now spot that very same screen capture in the render above. There's not a lot new in the image, except for the rear of the handset where there's no 41MP hump.

Rum: 8

We'd always recommend to take this with a pinch of salt, but the Twitter account has been fairly accurate with leaks in the past and we can't see why the above render couldn't be the Lumia 1520. Just a quick recap on how this Lumia is going to be beastly, we're looking at a rumoured 170mm by 88.9mm device, with of course the 6-inch display.

We'll keep our eyes glued to the feeds and sources for more details, but it's certainly a Windows Phone we're excited to see hit the shelves.

Source: Evleaks (Twitter)