Are you a lucky owner of one of Nokia’s Lumia 1520 smartphones? If so, you may find an email in your inbox inviting you to take a survey about the product. Nokia states that the objective of their survey is to “understand better how you use it and how satisfied you are with it”. The best part about the survey? Participants will receive a $10 Amazon gift voucher for their time.

I personally received my invite today at around noon, so if you are the beholder of the 1520, you may wish to checkout your inbox for the chance to provide crucial feedback about the company’s largest Windows Phone.

The survey takes about twenty minutes to complete and the first 400 “panelists” will receive the gift voucher; Nokia clarifies this in the statement below:

“After completing the survey, you will get a 10$ Amazon gift voucher to say thank you for your time. Be quick, as only the first 400 panelists will get a chance to answer the survey and get the gift voucher as incentive.”

If you are the owner of a Lumia 1520 and are selected to participate in the survey, you will find that it covers a selection of topics such as Nokia exclusive applications, the hardware itself, and your thoughts on Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. We found a decent amount of emphasis put on questions regarding the size of the device compared to other smaller smartphones.

Unfortunately, we cannot share the survey link with you, as each is a personal invitation. Let us know if you receive the survey, and how you feel about Nokia’s questioning.

Do you own a Nokia Lumia 1520 – are you enjoying it?