Lumia 2520

Nokia and UK retailer John Lewis have both announced that the Lumia 2520, the Finnish manufacturer's first Windows tablet, will be available exclusively through a partnership here in the UK. Starting from December 4th, consumers will be able to pick up the 4G Windows 8.1 tablet for £399.  

The tablet will be available in four colours - glossy white, red or matte black, cyan. To provide 5 additional hours of battery and two full size USB 2 ports, the Nokia Power Keyboard Case will be on sale in the coming weeks for £149.95, also at John Lewis. Two exclusive apps will also be loaded on the units.

Nokia Video Director is a video editing software, enabling you to get creative with styles to produce some exciting results. Dragons Adventure, which is a unique experience in partnership with DreamWorks Animation, will provide hours of entertainment. Working with HERE Maps and LiveSight, the bundled title will offer augmented reality gameplay and will transform any journey into a "How to Train Your Dragon" themed experience.

Conor Pierce, Nokia’s General Manager for the UK & Ireland, had the following to comment on the announcement:

"In a market of me-too products, the Nokia Lumia 2520 stands out from the crowd with its unique Lumia design, great hardware and exclusive software experiences. The Nokia Lumia 2520 is the first truly connected tablet and we look forward to working with John Lewis to bring this amazing connected experience to their customers."

So, who's picking one up? Check out our hands-on footage for more details and video of the product itself.