The Nokia Lumia 521 marches on to Walmart and T-Mobile stores

The Nokia Lumia 521 continues to spread across the country. After a quick and successful start on Walmart's and Home Shopping Network's websites, the Lumia 521 will be coming to Walmart brick and mortar stores this Saturday, May 11, for a measly $129. The Microsoft Store will also start selling it this weekend.

Less than two weeks after that, on May 22, the Lumia 521 will start appearing on shelves at T-Mobile stores and on their website for less than $150 with qualifying plans.

Despite the affordability, the Nokia Lumia 521 is no slouch. It sports a 4-inch screen and a 5 MP camera, along with good ol' 4G connectivity. This all comes nicely wrapped in a sleek design variety of colors. Throw in the fact that wireless charging is also available with optional covers, all for under $150, and no you're cooking with gas.

The Lumia 521's bombardment of the retail landscape is all part of a new focus by Microsoft and Nokia on price-conscious consumers and emerging markets. It's a realm that Nokia once dominated back when it was the top phone manufacturer in the world. Others are hoping to benefit as well, as we've just seen with the upcoming US debut of Huawei's W1,

If early response is any indicator, the strategy looks like it could pay off.

Source: Microsoft