The Lumia 525 is an odd device, as it is just a Lumia 520 but with a boost in RAM to 1 GB, instead of the normal 512 MB. Even though that may be preferable for some users, it is fascinating to see how widely unavailable this phone is worldwide. For instance, the Lumia 525 is found nowhere in Latin America or North America, and even in Europe, it is mostly isolated to Russia and Ukraine.

Still, countries in the Asia Pacific region do have the Lumia 525 on the shelves, and those users should be pleased to know that Lumia Cyan is being pushed out to those devices. Like previous rollouts, this one is only starting on a limited basis, with a wider rollout usually occurring one week later. So far, these countries are getting Lumia Cyan on the Lumia 525.

Remember, if you are using Windows Phone 8.1 already through the Preview for Developers, even if your country is listed below, you still do not get Lumia Cyan just yet (or a notification) as Microsoft has a pause on the updates. Users are instructed to either wait until a fix comes out or use the Nokia Recovery Tool to downgrade the OS and then take the updates.

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Lumia 525

  • Africa – not available
  • Asia Pacific – Cambodia CV; China Unicom, CMCC (Lumia 526); Malaysia CV
  • Europe – not available
  • Latin America – does not apply
  • Middle East – not available
  • North America – does not apply

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!