Lumia 630

Wanting to get Windows Phone 8.1 on a new phone in Russia? Then the Nokia Lumia 630 is your best bet. The device is expected to be the first phone publically available with Windows Phone 8.1 when it launches next month. It’s now up for pre-order in Russia. Details below.

The Lumia 630 was announced last week by Nokia at Microsoft’s Build conference. It’s 4G/LTE variant, the Lumia 635, was also announced last week, but unfortunately doesn’t appear available for pre-order in Russia at the moment.

The Lumia 630 comes in either a single-SIM or dual-SIM model. Internal specs between the two models are otherwise identical. Inside you’ll find a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor running at 1.2 GHz. You get 512 MB of RAM for memory and 8GB of internal storage. You can, thankfully, expand that with a microSD card. There’s an 1830 mAh battery to power you through your day. The 4.5-inch display with touchscreen buttons will keep you occupied up front.

In Russia, you can pre-order both the single-SIM and dual-SIM versions of the Lumia 630. The single-SIM version will go for 7990p ($224 USD), while the dual-SIM version is going for 8490p ($238 USD).

The Lumia 630 comes in a variety of colors like green, orange, yellow, white and black. You can also swap out those backs to get a new color anytime you’d like.

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Source: Lumia 630 single-SIM, Lumia 630 dual-SIM Via: wp7forum