910 case?

Although Nokia likes to deny that there is a Lumia 910, the supposed European counterpart to the "exclusive" AT&T Lumia 900, we have our doubts. For one, it's pretty easy for Nokia to get around an "exclusive" device if they simply make it another model number and change some aspects e.g. adding a 12MP camera.

Either way, a vendor is advertising a "protective decal skin sticker" for the Lumia 900 and 910 on Amazon.com, noting that it's a precision cut protective decal.

Proof that a 910 exists? Far from it. But combined with that earlier listing on a Dutch site and we're starting to see quite a few "910" references out there in the wild.  We'll see what Nokia brings to the table in a few weeks in Barcelona though, but we're betting a 910 is getting more and more likely.

Source: Amazon.com; Thanks, Matt, for the heads up

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