Lumia 920

Vodafone UK has published a new entry on its blog detailing plans for Windows Phone 8. The carrier previously unveiled that it would be stocking a selection of Windows Phone 8 hardware in early 2013. More details have been revealed as the company has now confirmed that a new Windows Phone will be joining the Lumia 820, HTC 8X and HTC 8S. It would appear as though the Lumia 920 exclusivity deal with EE is drawing to an end.

The flagship Nokia handset will be making its way to Vodafone in the new year. We had doubts that the manufacturer would continue down the exclusive path with EE, especially with all the negativity the new 4G network has received from consumers due to data limitations, expensive pricing and sub-par service. We even wrote up a short opinion piece on why consumers dislike the new network.

We've reviewed all four handsets and believe each one to offer a unique Windows Phone experience. Covering multiple price points, Vodafone will be able to target different demographics. These will include newcomers to the platform and smartphones in general, as well as those with tight pockets or who desire the best possible specification.

For the time being Vodafone is stating that all four Windows Phone 8 devices will arrive in the early stages of the new year, but we'll be sure to update closer to the time with more accurate details on both pricing and availability. It's good to see other networks taking up Lumia Windows Phones as smartphone exclusivity is not entirely welcomed by British consumers.

With Vodafone jumping on the train, we expect O2 and possibly even Three to look at taking Nokia's flagship Windows Phone sometime soon and adding it to their already established arsenal of handsets. 

Source: Vodafone; thanks, Brenda, for the heads up!