Lumia 920

The Lumia 920T, a Chinese version of Nokia's flagship Windows Phone, has completely sold out on Amazon's website in the region. Not only that, but the sold out notice was published within just 30 minutes of the Windows Phone listing going live.

Priced at 3599 Yaun, which is approximately $570, no one is surprised that it was snatched up so quickly, especially since there are those of us who are facing a slightly costlier choice when it comes to Lumia 920 availability. Here in the UK we're looking at price tags of anywhere in the £500 ($850) region for an unlocked Lumia 920 - Nokia has decided to partner with UK carrier EE with an exclusive deal.

There is a slight downside to ordering the Lumia 920T through Amazon, and no we're not talking about the lack of Xbox LIVE, etc. Deliveries are reportedly set back until 26 / 27th December. Ouch. We have followed the Lumia 920T on its journey to the Chinese market since it was announced and then subsequently passed through CCC certification process.

We've also seen a positive reception for Windows Phone in the past with the Lumia 900 launching in the market, which then quickly over took the iPhone. Being a flagship Windows Phone for the Finnish manufacturer, and a high-end device running Microsoft's mobile OS, we feel as though the Lumia 920 will see even better success and market penetration than its older brother.

The positive take on the news of a Windows Phone 8 handset selling out in a matter of minutes is exactly that - we're definitely seeing some signs of an increase in interest and desire to own a Windows Phone. Could we be witnessing the start of the Windows 8 + Windows Phone marriage that Microsoft is so desperately attempting to achieve?

Source:, via:, WMPU