AT&T has announced that the Lumia 925 will indeed be launching on the mobile operator mid-September and it comes in a special black, including the back and metal. We recently looked at some rumoured dates provided by trusted sources, but now confirmation has been published in a public announcement. You heard it from us first: $99 is the price on contract and pre-orders kick off on August 28th.

The actual launch date is September 13th, which isn't a long wait if you're desperately wanting to get your hands on the 4G Windows Phone. Much like O2 here in the UK, AT&T is further strengthening its position as the top partner with Microsoft and Windows Phone. The mobile operator will have multiple Nokia phones, including the Lumia 520Lumia 920 and the Lumia 1020 (the Lumia 820 has been slowly phased out due to low sales).

If you haven't yet checked out our in-depth Lumia 925 review, it's well worth reading through before making the purchase. This is a real bargain with a price tag of only $99 on contract ($21 a month with AT&T Next). Head on over to AT&T's website to place an order (the linked webpage isn't currently working of us - we're sure they'll publish it in the morning).

Source: PRNewswire