The Lumia 928 has been featured in a newly published YouTube video, which goes into some detail comparing how the screen and digitiser assembly is different to that found on the Lumia 920. The Samsung Galaxy 3 makes an appearance too. The Lumia 928 is part of the Lumia 920 family and shares most of the specifications, but it's interesting to note just how different the two devices are in terms of construction.

As we know it, the display will be 4.5-inches (identical to the Lumia 920), but Nokia has taken a different approach to the actual assembly of the screen components. Utilising methods also used by Apple and Samsung, the Finnish manufacturer is able to take out two of the three flex cables and has fused the glass, digitiser and LCD display together. How this will impact on the viewing experience is yet to be seen.

The only downside of this alteration is the task of repairing a sealed Lumia Windows Phone (which is no easy task for the average Joe with the Lumia 920) could have the difficulty rating increased, especially if the screen is what needs replacing / repairing. As a small side note: Verizon branding is once again present.

We previously looked at ETrade Supply listing the parts online for sale, which you can purchase for just over $200. While we're all still waiting for official confirmation from both the US mobile operator and Nokia, we'll remain excited as more images and videos of the Lumia 928 come to light.

Source: YouTube (ETrade Supply), via: PhoneArena