According to ZDNet's Matthew Miller, who we had the pleasure of paling around with last week, Nokia is planning on releasing Nokia Maps for free to all Windows Phone devices "in the next couple of weeks". That's some pretty exciting news and answers the question about what it means for Nokia and Microsoft to exchange services and how it affects us, the consumer.

Now, before you get too excited, we need to clarify that this is not Nokia Drive. Drive is their full-GPS turn-by-turn navigation app that includes voice-guidance and offline maps (see above pic). That bad boy is only reserved for Nokia Windows Phones and and is a completely free service. Nokia Maps, on the other hands, is more like Bing. That's not to say it's useless as our friends in Europe and non-Bing friendly regions will be able to attest. This app should go a long way in making looking for points of interest and local directions a lot easier. Other features in Nokia Maps that we can expect:

  • Local POI details (provides you location, phone number, reviews, and photos of up to 25 locations in your vicinity)
  • Deep link support (you can pin destinations to the Start screen)
  • Detailed maps in satellite, 2D, and 3D views

Sounds good. No word on Nokia Music making the same jump, however. But between Drive and Music, Nokia is launching with some fairly solid services out the gate.

Source: ZDNet