Last night we noticed our 920 getting a few updates including Nokia Transit aka Transport and Maps. Nokia has now given some details on version 3.0, which also includes Windows Phone 8 support (basically just adding a double wide tile). 

The new Maps brings all sorts of goodies including offline support (it shares the offline downloads of Nokia Drive, saving space), venue maps (we can see our local mall) and it now gives you detailed walking directions. Heck, it will even hand itself off to Drive for car navigation, making Nokia’s apps a little more seamless.

Interestingly, on Nokia Windows Phones (920, 820, etc.) there is no Microsoft Maps for an application; it is only Nokia Maps. But seeing as Bing maps is basically powered by Nokia, it’s not that big of deal though they are called different things e.g. Maps (HTC 8X) versus Nokia Maps (Lumia 920).

As is customary, Nokia has made a neat little video showing off the power of updated mapping application. Hopefully some on iOS6 will take notice and maybe be convinced to jump on the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon with the superior mapping capability. 

Edit: Version 3.0 appears to be for Windows Phone 8 devices only.

For those on Nokia Lumia phones, you can head to the Collection to grab the new Maps app here.

Source: Nokia

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