AT&T has still not yet officially announced the Nokia Lumia 920, which is expected to come to the US carrier late next week (November 9th), but we're already quite certain of the price tag. 

Best Buy had a pre-sale and just the other day, eBay (with Best Buy) also had the Lumia 920 up for early orders. Both times the phone was listed at $149.99 (with a $599 off contract price). To us, that's all the info we really need but if you wanted just a little more proof of that super aggressive price tag, you can take a gander above in our pic.

That price is from Nokia's mobile site (, which via a PC just shows some static Tiles but upon launching it on your phone, you get a different picture. The top Tile reveals an AT&T logo with that $149.99 price, which should be reassurance for those of you who have not pre-ordered.

It should also reassure those worried about Nokia, as they clearly are gunning to make the 920 an irresistible sell. Throw in a free charge pad and we think they have a shot to sell many--after all, the 32GB Lumia 920 is literally half the price of a 32GB iPhone 5. Not bad.

Thanks, decab, for the link!