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We've received the notification to update the app, and now we have word on what's new in the latest version of Nokia Music. The update focuses on improving personalisation of the app itself and Gigfinder functionality. The big new feature that many will be excited about is the ability to create personalised radio stations/mixes. Entering up to three artists will allow the "clever" technology in the background to produce a new playlist with songs that match the same style as the chosen artists. The database houses more than 20,000 artists thus far so there should be an available mix for everyone. Users will be able to create up to five of these personal stations in the app.

As well as creating your own mixes, the app will analyse the metadata attached to locally stored music files and calculate what your favourite genres are, populating a playlist of tracks you're more-than-likely to love. When we took a gander at Nokia Music back at Nokia World we were pretty impressed, and this update expands the experience. The Nokia Music app is available (for free) to anyone who has purchased a Lumia handset running Windows Phone.

Source: Nokia Conversations