Nokia Normandy Android OS

Nokia and Android have both been in the news recently. Earlier today we covered a leaked photo of the Nokia Normandy, the affordable Android smartphone reported to be in development, but another shot has been published on Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo. This time we're able to see the OS on-screen and the device itself looks similar to previous renders and leaks.

According to reports, this Normandy device will run a forked version of the Android OS with a custom UI, sporting elements from both Windows Phone and Google's mobile platform. The handset has just a single capacitive button at the bottom, but we shouldn't look to much into this device as it's not confirmed we'll even see an official announcement, let alone a release.

What is interesting is to see such a device in development with Microsoft and Nokia closing a deal to bring together Redmond and the Finnish devices division.

Source: Weibo; thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!