Nokia Normandy

We recently covered the Nokia Normandy, a low-end Android smartphone which was reported to be in development. The news was met with both disbelief and speculation, especially with Microsoft in the process of purchasing Nokia's hardware division. Today, we're looking at a new photo of the Nokia Normandy.

First off, we'll get the obvious out the way - there's no Nokia logo. According to the evleaks Normandy image (see above), there's clear branding both on the rear and front of the handset. That said, everything else checks out (including the single capacitive button) should we continue comparing the two against one another. There's also signs of dual-SIM support.

Nokia Normandy

The handset will reportedly run "forked" Android, meaning consumers who purchase a Nokia Normandy will have no access to the Google Play store, much like Amazon and the Kindle Fire. The low-end Android device would also be exactly that - low-end. This will go alongside the company's Asha range of products running on Series 40.

What are your thoughts on a Nokia Normandy, powered by Android?

Source: WPDang; thanks, answer1626, for the heads up!