Can I get a yowza? Available for download tomorrow, Feb 10th, Nokia is offering a free GPS navigation application called smart2go for Series 60 Nokia phones and, here's the shocker, Windows Mobile 5. The software will apparently work even if you don't have GPS available via a bluetooth puck or built-in. Looks like it's free because Nokia will also be offering optional, premium-brand travel guides, packed with valuable information and important tips."

If you are wondering how to set up GPS on your WM5 device, you'll find a nice set of instructions here.

Nokia today announced that it is making its smart2go mapping and navigation platform, available for free download (, enabling millions of people to use the most comprehensive map coverage offered on a mobile device. The platform allows for mapping and routing in over 150 countries and has support for full turn-by-turn satellite navigation in over 30 countries. The application allows people to view where they are on a map, search for points-of-interests (POI) around them and create routes to get them there free of charge. Nokia plans to start offering the smart2go application for free, on Saturday, February 10th, for selected Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices initially and has plans to roll out support for most of the major mobile OS platforms including Nokia S60, Series 40, PocketPC, Linux and other Windows Mobile devices.

Update 3: it's up now, thanks for the tip, Paul! Now should I be concerned that the are listing the "Treo 650w", which doesn't exist in any world I live in? Nah.. Installing now.

(Thanks to MSMobiles for the tip. As they say, "Next logical step: Nokia mobile phones powered by Windows Mobile!")

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