Nokia Free Charger

Nokia's 'Free Wireless Charger' page has been live for a while, but registration isn't quite ready / open yet. The Finnish manufacturer has however published the terms and conditions, which reveal exactly what will be on offer and who will be eligible for said free gear. Those who purchase either the Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 through Phones4u will be able to claim a free wireless charging plate.

To be eligible for the free offer, a promotional Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 must have been purchased through a Phones4u store, online or via the call centre between November 2nd and December 31st. This is restricted to residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland and opens tomorrow, November 16th. This appears to be a somewhat similar deal to the free Lumia 820 wireless charging shells for O2 customers.

Registrations for the plate must be completed at least 14 days after purchasing the qualified Windows Phone where personal information and the device IMEI number will need to be entered. The wireless charging plate will subsequently be sent within 28 days of form completion. A pretty neat offer to further incentivise the purchase of a Lumia Windows Phone. be sure to get in touch with Nokia should you be unsure if you'll be eligible before making the purchase.

Source: Nokia (terms); thanks, Malte, for the heads up!