Lumia 925

Nokia has been playing with the wireless transfer of energy and mobile phones since the Lumia 920, which was the first Windows Phone to feature wireless charging - a cool concept that's incredibly useful in the field. But what if you could go one step further and charge your phone with lightning? Nokia has teamed up with the University of Southampton to achieve just that. 

Harnessing hundreds of thousands of volts, the teams attempted to tame the (in this case, simulated) natural force and managed to successfully charge a Nokia Windows Phone - the Lumia 925. Inviting Neil Palmer, a scientist at the University, it was possible to power the smartphone with the tools available. Palmer explains:

"We were excited by this challenge presented to us by Nokia. Using an alternating current, driven by a transformer, over 200,000 volts was sent across a 300mm gap – giving heat and light similar to that of a lightning bolt. The signal was then stepped into a second controlling transformer, allowing us to charge the phone."

So what was the end result? They were able to charge the handset in seconds. Imagine that, your phone has just ran out of juice, but fear not as you could whip up a bolt of lightning and you're done in a few seconds. Neil notes how the team was amazed to see how Nokia's circuitry was able to stabilise the noisy signal and allowed the battery to draw charge.

What's more is the current was passed through the air, helping the team to understand how the energy could potentially be harnessed in future. Nokia never fails to show exactly how the company is looking to push boundaries to innovate and try out new things. On a rather obvious note, Nokia recommends that you do not try this at home.

Source: Nokia Conversations