If you were like us, you watched a lot of the Nokia-Deadmau5 show via their Facebook page, only to have it cut off numerous times due to high server demand. Luckily, Nokia is planning on releasing the full-video sometime today on YouTube, Facebook and even Twitter. From the Nokia UK Facebook page:

"We’re sorry that some of you didn’t get to see the show tonight. We had some technical difficulties due to high demand, and are working through the night to get you the full show in HD tomorrow. Watch this space."

"deadmau5 live stream will be shown again tomorrow - we'll share the video with you all on our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter profiles. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the link"


Not bad. But in the meantime, you can watched this "ripped" version (above) from the event via Ivegtononick on YouTube. Since it's taken from the Nokia stream, it's pretty stellar quality. You'll also find a fan-video after the break if you want to feel what it was like fro the audience's perspective. Reader Marco300, who sent that video, also lets us know that it was so packed with fans that the police had to be brought in to control crowds. His only major complaint of the event? The show was too short with Deadmau5 only getting a few minutes of prime time.

Deadmau5-Nokia event (From Nokia UK)

Still, we can't think what an awesome commercial this will make. Our favorite part? Watch it 0:56 and 1:45--pretty amazing effect, if you ask us. Nice job, Nokia. Check out Marco300's video after the jump.