Nokia Power Keyboard

Many Nokia Lumia 2520 owners have been waiting for the Nokia Power Keyboard to arrive and now the wait is over. Nokia have told us they started shipping to retailers last week and it appears John Lewis in the UK have them now at their online store. Currently, we only see the black keyboard in stock. We’ll keep checking if the red one shows up, too.

In addition to protecting your Lumia 2520 and providing a physical keyboard input, the Nokia Power Keyboard also features an extra 2027 mAh battery, touch pad, and two full-sized USB ports. John Lewis is selling the keyboard for £149.95 (approximately $247 USD).

If you’re in the U.S. and still waiting for the Power Keyboard to arrive, you may not have to wait much longer either. Some members from the forums have called Nokia and have been told the keyboards have started shipping. You can follow the discussion over here.

Are you planning to get Nokia Power Keyboard? Let us know in the comments!

Via Nokia News Ireland