Nokia prepares Lumia Cyan OTA update for Windows Phone 8 users, will combine Windows Phone 8.1, unique Lumia features

As Nokia is wont to do, when Windows Phone 8.1 starts hitting their devices it will come with a host of Nokia enhancements — in this case it's being branded as Nokia Cyan. And it's coming to all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. Yes, all of them. And, in typical Nokia style, the improvements will be focused around imaging.

Accompanying the Windows Phone 8.1 over-the-air update will be new unique experiences for Lumia that further enhance Nokia's leadership in imaging. This includes enhancements to the camera roll and Creative Studio, as well as an improved Nokia Storyteller app, for sharing stories as a video slideshow on social networks.

There's likely some other improvements to be mixed in there as Nokia likes to do, but until then we're looking at Nokia Cyan extending the capabilities of their cameras across the range in Windows Phone 8.1. That is, of course, in addition to everything that makes Windows Phone 8.1 the operating system update that it is, including a new swiping keyboard, notification Action Center, and Cortana voice controls.

Source: Nokia