Nokia is still tinkering with their system apps on their Windows Phone 8 Lumias. The app Extras + Info, which is a meta-app for Accessory agent, Feedback to Nokia, Nokia First Use Experience and Warranty registration, controls a lot of behind the scene features for the Lumia and as such, are considered to be relatively important.

Like all previous system updates from Nokia, we’re unsure of what the changes are with this rollout. For all we know, they gave language support in Samoa. Or they fixed a major bug.

Forum member Magictoaster went ahead and documented the version changes with the update:

  • Nokia enhancements:
  • Accessory agent:
  • Feedback to Nokia:
  • Nokia First Use Experience:
  • Warranty registration: 1.1.04

Normally we’d tell you to just stand by and let your Store icon update with the little “1” to let you know, but forum member Tebugg was able to generate the URL and QR code for us, meaning you can now direct update. Cool, eh? (Make sure to give him "thanks" on his post).

Download Extras + Info from the Nokia Collection right here. Join our forum discussion here for more info.

QR: Nokia Extras