The boys and girls from Finland are once again actively tweaking their system apps for their Windows Phone 8 Lumias. We’ve received a few tips this morning that their Network+ app has been updated and indeed, we can confirm.

The app is now being bumped to version What’s changed? Heck if we know though we can tell you that the app, formely called Calls + SMS, deals with some cell network settings and is considered pretty important, especially if you’re experiencing any oddities in cell behavior.

One possible fix with this update is mentioned by reader Andre B., who noted that the “… 4g signal status shows immediately after pressing the clock”. We think we know what he means as on occasion we’ve seen all our info pulled down by tapping the clock in the upper right hand corner (e.g. battery, vibrate, WiFi) but the network configuration at times was missing.

So maybe that’s all this addresses, in which case it’s hard to get excited about but of course we’ll take it.

You can update Network+ for your Lumia (Windows Phone 8) here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Andre and 5tephen, for the tips!

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