Nokia Ad Exchange

Nearly a year ago, at Microsoft’s 2012 Build conference Nokia had their own little announcement for developers. It was there that Nokia announced their Premium Developer Program and the Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX). Today, one of those is still around, while the other has faded into history. Nokia has transitioned from directly managing NAX and developers will now work directly with Inneractive to monetize their games and apps. Details below.

NAX was a new and free way for developers to quickly and easily monetize their apps using in-app advertising. It was based on a partnership with (and powered by) Inneractive. NAX provided access to top ad networks using a single SDK for Windows Phone developers. It was different from Inneractive by being cross-platform (Windows Phone, Series 40, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, and Android), had ad optimization in over 120 ad networks, and offered revenue payments in over 200 countries.

It had its fans in the development community, but unfortunately won’t exist going forward. Developers using NAX received an email earlier today stating that Nokia would be transition users over to Inneractive as the Nokia Ad Exchange is no more. Sure enough, if you go the Nokia Ad Exchange website you’ll see the same message.

For developers, nothing really changes it appears. All your NAX assets, including app IDs, analytics, and campaigns can be accessed in Inneractive. You’ll even be using your NAX credentials to log-in. It’s recommended by Nokia that developers work with Inneractive going forward to monetize their apps and games, but Nokia will still provide support via email during the transition.

Any of our developers out there use NAX?  

Source: Nokia Ad Exchange

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