Nokia is still evidently on a roll this week as they have just published the super fun and popular Cinemgraph app for their non-Windows Phone 8 Lumias. Coming in as version 1.0 in the Nokia Collection, the app is essentially the same as the one for its Windows Phone 8 brethren except it obviously has no Lens feature.

Cinemagraph works by taking a short video of the scene and then lets the user animate certain areas. It creates a neat effect and is a great way to blend a photo with some video qualities. Using your Nokia Account you can of course upload and share your creations to your favorite social networks.


In trying the app on our Lumia 900 we had no issues capturing a ‘graph and for all intents and purposes, it feels the same as on the Lumia 920.

You can pick up Cinemagraph for free here in the Nokia Collection.


QR: Cinemagraph 7x