Nokia Glam Me

We gave you a sneak peek at Nokia’s Glam Me app a few weeks ago at Mobile World Congress and now the app is live the Store.

The app is a simple self-portrait app that uses the front-facing camera to take some adjusted photos of oneself, applying some filters and adjustments along the way. The app can smooth out your skin tone, whiten teeth, soften the image and adjust the eyes (makes them “more open”). Later, you can add one of 14 filters to it, including B&W, Lomo, fresh, violet, magazine and sketch.

Nokia Glam Me

The app is a Lens too for Windows Phone 8 users, so it should integrate nicely with the camera module.  Overall, it’s not the most exciting app but for those pinches where you need a self-shot, we guarantee you’ll want it. The app should also do well for the Lumia 620 and 720 users, who may be younger.

Pick up Glam Me here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks Jeff D., for the tip!

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