Nokia Updates

Nokia has pushed out a number of updates for system apps, which we've received notifications for on our Lumia 920. The system apps that have been bumped to new versions are Nokia account, display+touch and extras+info. We've got the new build numbers, but no changelogs unfortunately. There is however, a noticeable change in the display+touch settings area, with the options being split into two panes. 

Nokia Display+Touch

While we're not currently aware of exactly what's new in the latest releases, these are indeed system apps so we can speculate that minor improvements have been applied to backend services and features. There are some slight hints within the descriptions that point at under-the-hood enhancements, which is always a good sign.

Here's the new builds:

  • Nokia account: 1.1.1245
  • display+touch:
  • extras+info: >

Be sure to shout at us in the comments should you notice anything we've missed. You can check manually for updates for both display+touch (left-hand QR code) and extras+info (as well as Nokia account) on the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Nokia System Apps