Just because it’s Sunday it doesn’t mean that Nokia can’t release new and exclusive apps for their Lumia customers. Today it’s Australia’s turn with the official Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) app being released.

The app is based off of the site www.smh.com.au and even boasts some advanced Windows Phone 8 features, like the latest news and image to your lockscreen (akin to CNN’s app)...

The app itself is laid out quite nicely with it’s white background and matching Windows Phone 8 accent colors, using mini flipping Tiles within the app for digging down into other news stories and categories. The full feature list is as follows:

  • Alert user of the latest news
  • Customizable tiles for news category within the application
  • Display latest news and image to phone lock screen (Windows phone 8 exclusive feature)
  • Read latest news in mobile phone
  • Retrieve local and world weather forecast
  • Live tile to show the latest news

And just because this app is primarily targeted for Austrlian readers, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t enjoy the app too as SMH is region-free, meaning anyone with a Nokia Lumia should be able to download it.

You can pick up SMH for Lumia phones here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Sanil, for the tip!