PhotoBeamer for Windows Phone 7.5

Just a few weeks ago Nokia released PhotoBeamer for Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices such as the Lumia 820 and 920. Today, the photo sharing app has been released for Lumia Windows Phones running Windows Phone 7.5 such as the Lumia 900 and 610.

Photobeamer allows you to display your pictures on PC's or other web-enabled devices. Just run the app, head over to, scan the QR code that appears on the screen with your Lumia Windows Phone and your photos will appear on that web-enabled device.  It can be a computer, tablet, or a friends phone.  You just need a 3G/4G network or WiFi to send the pictures.

You can swipe through your photos on your phone and the display will be shared on the larger screen. There is no registration and the service is free. PhotoBeamer is a simple, easy way to share and display your Windows Phone photos on a larger screen.

PhotoBeamer for Windows Phone 7.5 is a free app that you can find in the Nokia Collection on your Lumia Windows Phone. The app was just released and may not be visible just yet. If you don't see PhotoBeamer right away, you can follow this link or scan the QR code below from your Lumia Windows Phone.

Source: Conversations Nokia; Thanks, theefman, for the tip!

QR: Photobeamer for Windows Phone 7.5