MWC 2014 App

Headed to Spain next week to catch Mobile World Congress? Then besides the official GSMA app for your badge and info, you’ll want to grab this app from Nokia. It’s a knockout.

MWC 2014 is Nokia’s third Mobile World Congress app, having ones previously for 2012 and 2013. And while you may not need it, you should download it anyway because it’s simply amazing looking. The app is chock full of features.

MWC 2014

  • View the entire list of MWC exhibitors, speakers and agenda, including the tracks for Conference and Nokia ADC.
  • View venue maps without an Internet connection
  • Personalize your favourite speaker, exhibitor and event list.
  • Explore Barcelona with the help of built-in Here Map, Here Transit and AR.
  • Network within the event by sharing your contact information and event detail using NFC.
  • Read the latest Nokia announcement and MWC social media feeds.
  • Listen to songs of local Spanish artists and learn a few useful Spanish phrases to help you get around Barcelona
  • Participate in MWC Challenge and MWC Photos sharing to win Lumia phones.

It even has a ‘featured apps’ section, with such useful things as WhatsApp, Wechat, Foursquare, Line and Instagram and more. The app also features push notifications and Lockscreen support. Heck, it can even tie in into your Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, making this a truly well done companion app for those attending the three day conference.

The maps are also very well done, with bright colors and very smooth scrolling. In many ways, this is the ideal Windows Phone app.

Head here to the Store to grab it for your Lumia, and be prepared for Mobile World Congress 2014. Can’t make it? No worries, I’ll be there to cover anything that pops up.

Thanks, Antoine N., for the tip!

QR: MWC 2014