Play To

Nokia has today released an update for Play To, taking the app up to version This release includes the much anticipated fix for those running the GDR3 Developer Preview (Update 3), which saw the app lose all functionality and be rendered useless. It was only last week we covered news that the company would be releasing a patch to help users out, so we see this as a positive turn around.

It's worth noting that only those with the GDR3 Preview installed are affected. If you're patient and update straight to Update 3 with Nokia's Lumia Black firmware release, you'll be good to go.

A fix to address the issue some users had with latest Play to with GDR3 developer preview has now been approved and will soon (1-24 hours) appear in Store for update.

Keep an eye on the store for your update notification, or scan the QR code below to see if you can force it. Thanks, Sarthak, for the heads up!

QR: Play To