Nokia Digital Marketing Toolkit

Of all the cool things we've seen so far at Mobile World Congress this upcoming web tool for developers gets our high marks. As an extension of the Nokia banner creation tool we saw a few weeks ago, Nokia is taking the concept further for developers by allowing them to make full-length Lumia commercials but with a twist.

Instead of just showing a Nokia phone with the Windows Phone OS, it will feature your app. You simply enter the site, give it your URL for the Marketplace, add some music and screenshots, some key words that describe your app and the program will dynamically create an Amazing Everday-esque commercial for your app. You can then download or embed the video into Facebook or your website.

It's a brilliant tool that allows devs to concentrate less on marketing and more on app development. It's free to use and should make some exciting mini-commercials. While the Digital Marketing Toolkit is still in beta, Nokia is soliciting feedback from folks here at MWC and they are looking at a release in about 8 weeks.

Check the somewhat long video demo after the break (the shakiness goes away at 30 secs, sorry). It's a step by step process of how it works so you may want to grab a coffee. Well worth it if you get to the end product though, we swear...